Launched: Merge Table Pack

The Merge Table pack enables merging and syncing multiple tables across docs into one combined sync table. Similar to the Cross-doc pack, but with the added benefit of being able to pull in rows from multiple tables at once to merge their values under common columns!

Useful for combining multiple tables that share common columns, for example merging Tasks, Meetings, and Projects tables into a single Calendar layout table showing the names, type, and relevant dates for each.

See the pack listings for more details and documentation:

See this community thread that details some of the motivation behind this pack, as well as a more technical discussion of the design decisions behind this approach.

The Lite version is limited to a single merge table per doc and merge tables are limited to merging two source tables from the current doc. See Lite vs. Pro Version for a full comparison of the features in both versions.


Demo Doc!


Merge Tables is a part of my Sync Tables Pro pack, just saying :wink:

It was announced and implemented in the first demo and didn’t yet make it for the soft launch. It’s 99% ready — I just wanted to examine it for the ways to make the UX better. So it’s coming sometime this week.

The plan for the feature is to merge any number of tables, allow any number of merge tables in a doc, and also have all the benefits of Sync Tables Pro pack such as row-level security and swappable sources.

P.S. I’m sorry I missed your thread. I would’ve notified you that I was working on it too.

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This looks amazing!! Thanks for you hard work on it - can’t wait to try it out.


This is great, looking forward to trying it out. Does it work for tables with formula columns?

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It does work in the sense that the result of the formula will be properly transferred into the merge table, but unfortunately it is not possible at the moment for a pack to set the formula itself on a column.

Probably the best this pack could accomplish would be to include the formula as a string in the generated column name, so that it can be copied over more easily. Would that be useful in your case?

Hey @loucadufault what is the timeline for the Pro version?

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Current ETA for release of Pro version (and finalized Lite version) is early November. I am currently spending most of my Coda bandwidth on wrapping up some other packs (Recurrence Rule and Google Tasks), and after that I will be able to focus on the more complex cases I needed to iron out for this pack. Please do let me know if you have any specific deadlines, I can try to re-prioritize if so.

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Hey @loucadufault here is some feedback:

  1. link to your pack in the demo doc!
  2. On your pack page, link to the demo doc
  3. Some more verbose documentation on how it works
  4. In the demo, I didn’t really ‘get it’ until I copied it and then changed the view of the ‘Project Dates (Merge Table)’ from Calendar type to Table type
  5. If someone sets this up with the Lite version, can it ‘upgrade’ to the Pro or does the setup have to be redone again?
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Is there any info on how to use it? When i try to drag and drop it into my doc, it just returns an error msg saying failed to fetch data from merge table lite.

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Thanks for reporting this. I have fixed this issue and overhauled the pack implementation which should keep things more stable going forwards. Please let me know if you encounter any other issues.

Hi @Johg_Ananda,

Thanks for this great feedback. I have gone ahead and fleshed out the demo doc some more to include a landing page that delves into the pack concepts and better explains how it works, how to use it, why one would use it, etc. I also changed the calendar to a table, and included a calendar view below. I agree that the impact is less obvious if initially shown in calendar view, as you mentioned.

As for switching from Lite to Pro version, I don’t think there would be anyway to retain progress at the moment. The Packs platform is still evolving so there might be a way to build in a lite tier into a paid pack in the future. For now it would be possible to try out the the paid pack for a limited time.

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Awesome. Is the Pro pack launched? Timeline?

Hi @Johg_Ananda,

Still targeting November. The pack (lite and pro versions) itself is completed, all announced features work. Before publishing the pro version I will setup the pricing, which requires me to request access to sign up for Coda Marketplace. I submitted the request yesterday, so it may take a couple of days.


Pro pack is launched, you can install it from here: Merge Table (Pro) Pack, extend Coda with Merge... | Coda.

Thanks for your patience!


Congratulations! Excited to try it out :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I’m just finding this information now and am not quite sure I understand how it works. I would like to “permanently” merge two tables … basically add a bunch of rows (like 300) from one table into another table (with 1000 rows) … I could copy/paste perhaps, but I want to be able to make sure that the correct columns line up…

Should I be using the merge pack for this?? I want to be able to edit everything inside this new merged doc, not to just have a view of the merged information.

advice? thanks much!

Hi Christina,

Yes, copy and paste is an option. You just need to drag your columns so that the heading between the two tables align.

The above is the approach that I always follow.

You could also create a button that will use forEach() to cycle through one table, and addRow() to the second. But this only really makes sense of you are going to do the copy more than once.


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Thanks Piet,

Copy paste is always a bit risky, but this should be a one-time operation as I try to get a data set from another application sorted out in Coda. It’s been a trial and error-prone process, but I’m finally figuring it out. Trying to set things up for all of the really neat things we’ll be able to do once the data is all merged together!

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