Merging Table Data from Different Sources

I see quite a few discussions about how to merge two tables, and the responses all seem to point out that this is the incorrect paradigm to think about, however the answers all seem to be coming from the direction of creating the source data as one database, then splitting views downstream. I need to do this in a different direction:

I have data coming from two different departments’ living pipelines: One in Asana for recruiting candidates, and one in google sheets for hired employees. Does anyone have any advice on how to merge these into one table (let’s assume the data is all laid out exactly the same)?

To be clear, yes, I can manually copy entries and manually build a unified database, obviously I’m striving for some degree of automation here. Is this doable at all within Coda, or am I forced to merge pre-coda?

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It’s your lucky day!

The merge table pack in Coda is a real thing and it will save your life. Or at least save whatever time you would’ve spent trying to figure out a less elegant solution

There’s also a pro version but I’ll let @loucadufault speak to it as he’s the creator

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I cannot understate how happy I am that you pointed this out to me! Thank You!!

Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir

Keith, indeed you should be able to merge those tables together with the pack after pulling the data from Asana/Google Sheets into a Coda doc. Feel free to reach out if you’re having trouble setting things up!

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