Merge tables from different projects?

I have a project timeline table in each of 5 different projects. I want to merge all tables into a single table that enables me to see all of the deadlines in a single view. How do I merge all of these tables to enable live updates from the 5 tables to the one main single-timeline view table?

Hi Amy,

The very best solution, by far, is to have a single table, with 5 views.

If you have tables in 5 different docs for security reasons, that is a different scenario. In that case making use of webhooks are probably the best solution.

I know that @Christiaan_Huizer has a pack that will implement ease the implementation retain of that for you.


hi @Piet_Strydom , hi @Amy_Rudersdorf and welcome to the community

as Piet said, in one doc the easiest way is to use one table with 5 views (or more)
when you have 5 docs, you can use the webhook based approach I explain in this blog, it is rather easy, for free and goes fast:

in case you want to have two way sync, you have to wait a bit:

Cheers, Christiaan

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