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I recently started using Coda and I am not sure the best way to set-up projects and tasks for our company. We are a digital consulting firm and plan to have each client have a seperate doc that include their projects the tasks associated with it. I know I can create a master doc with these two tables and create a view to show only the client project information, but the ability to edit on those projects and tasks on the client doc is important. Is it correct that you can’t edit any of the values from the master table in a separate doc? This would be really time consuming for our team. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Hi @Josh_Mullins ,

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It is indeed so that in a cross doc you only have read only access and cross docs do not push changes when you edit a column, they only update max every hour (only possible in a team plan).

in this post I show a way to have an almost immediate update in your target doc.

what you can do is using the described method to push data to the target docs and in the target docs you do the same set up for a few columns to push data back to the source docs. in these columns (same table or a different table up to you) your clients can write their comments, feedback, questions etc. and you see that in our master (source) doc.

I have to admit, this is a bit of work.

Cheers, Christiaan

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