Launched: Multi-Tab Support for Coda Docs

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to share today that we’ve made some updates based on your feedback that will allow you to open the same doc in multiple browser tabs. We’ve slowly been rolling out this change, and today everyone should have the option to have the same doc open in multiple tabs.

Some important things to know about this update:

  • If you use the Coda Chrome Extension, you will need to take 3 steps to enable this:
    • Update to the latest version (1.4.1) of the Extension at chrome://extensions/
      • Click on the Coda Chrome Extension
      • Adjust the Toggle to Developer Mode
      • Click on “Update”
    • Click the Coda icon in your Chrome toolbar
    • Disable the “Open one tab per doc”
  • If you are not using the Extension (or if you are using a different browser), no action is required on your part
  • Note that opening the same doc in multiple tabs can slow down browser performance, especially for especially large or complex docs
    • If you’re finding this is happening and you want to avoid having the same doc open in multiple tabs, you may install the Coda Chrome Extension and toggle your settings to enable “Open one tab per doc”. You can learn more about the extension in our help center.

We’ve already heard feedback from Codans that this change has enabled them to more easily do things like synthesize a data summary for tables found throughout a doc, and collaborating on project briefs with details found in different sections from different teams using the same doc.



Thanks. I stumbled upon it a week or so ago and have already been getting good use out of it!


Great great great upgrade !

Le mar. 7 avr. 2020 à 19:01, Nigel Ellis via The Coda Community a écrit :


This feature is fundamental to work easily like backend/frontend on coda doc, keep on improving! :grin:


I’m hooked on this feature. Combined with CMD+#, you can hop around different pages in the same doc.

I’d love for the tab to display the name of the page I’m on as well. When I have a handful of tabs open of the same doc, it gets a little unwieldy.

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