Opening new Coda tab in Chrome hangs

I have multiple coda documents created now. However, whenever I try to open a second document on a new tab, it just hangs ( spinning wheel on screen ). I typically clear my browser cache and reload that page before it works. Does Coda support opening multiple documents on separate tabs?

However this happens even if i first close the existing document and try to open a new one. still hangs until i clear my browser cache. Anyone else experiencing this?

Hey Victor,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with opening multiple docs - Coda does support that! In general if Chrome is hanging with a spinning wheel, it’s most likely a system issue rather than something with the actual website. Perhaps you have too many other apps or tabs open, and are out of memory? Another issue could be an installed extension - I’d try to see if this still happens in Incognito mode or if you disable all your extensions.

If the problem persists, feel free to reach out to us directly via support in the bottom-right corner, and we can explore more options.


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