Launched: New importers that bring your tools together

Getting your entire tool stack to work together the way you want means bringing systems together in one place. Replacing entire tools takes time, and that’s not easy when you’re trying to get everyone on the same page fast. We’ve heard you! And we’re here to help with intuitive importers.

Trello Importer

We’re excited to announce three new importers this gifting season:

  1. Trello: Unpack your kanban boards in Coda. Instead of rebuilding your project management system from scratch, you can import it with a few clicks, and use the time saved to add some sparkle to those tasks and lists.
  2. Markdown: Bring your rich formatting from any source. Dropbox Paper, Google Docs? This importer can do it all.
  3. Confluence (in beta): Here’s a sneak peek into one of our most highly requested migrations. Easily bring your collaborative team hubs into Coda, so anyone can update, automate, and power up the knowledge that helps your team do their best work.

To use these importers, head to your Coda doc. Click the Insert panel on the top right or type /import to get started. Both options will result in a smooth import—all your pages, boards, and data arrive ready to go.


Very happy to read about Markdown importer :100: Looking forward to try it!


Love the updates! I’m also working on Confluence pack! :smiley: I guess I can take a pause

Was hoping Clickup was going to be in this batch. Great to see you keep adding the ability to import.

Does the Markdown Importer support content that is being added by an API?

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Hey @Freerk_Lap! Are you asking if you can import Markdown content via the Coda API?

Will there be a markdown exporter any time soon ?

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Hi Noah, yea that was what I meant. We use to push info to and from Coda and Github, but I’d like Markdown text from Github to be placed as markdown in Coda. I know Github has special syntaxes for things like checkboxes (e.g. “- ”). Thats not what I mean. They also support ## and ### as H2 and H3 tags. I would like those (and all other markdown types) to be processed into Coda H2 and H3 titles when importing.
Perhaps we can have a function that parses an input text and outputs markdowned text?


+1 on this. @noah, for importing and exporting (in my case via the API), markdown would be a very welcome feature.


This would be extremely helpful for me as well. Same situation using Make.


Thanks for the clarification! Currently, the API does not support adding Markdown content to your doc. However, packs do support rendering Markdown content that they return (see docs). In fact, there is already a pack designed specifically to render content from a remote URL (like GH): Markdown Pack. You may be able to use such a pack, or build a very simple pack to accomodate your use case.

Are you hoping to have this content sync regularly or do you want a one time import? Do you want to move content into pages or cells?

Thanks for answering @noah! I’ll have a look at the Markdown pack!
The sync from Coda to GH is one time (once an issue is ready for development, we push it to the correct repo). I want to return comments that are posted on the GH issue to a comments table in Coda. Those comments would be pushed by GH as soon as posted. As I’m writing this, with your comment in mind, I think I can find a way to send the text from GH to a hidden column, and use an automation that parses the markdown text into a visible column.

Sounds like a cool use case! Given you want to push data back and fourth, I think a pack might be the right solution (instead of having to use the UI manually, or set up your own process to interact with our API).

You should be able to build a comments sync table based on the GH API (docs) to pull comments into Coda, and you should be able to create an issue with the API as well (docs). On both ends you should be able to convert to/from Markdown as I mentioned previously (packs docs). If you don’t want to start from scratch, the existing GH pack already handles a few of these pieces.

Hope you get it working! Let me know if you have any issues.

@Ramesh_Nagarajan When will the Confluence importer be able to copy over images? We have a lot of images in our Engineering Confluence pages and trying to convert them over to using Coda like the rest of the company.

We are working on this. More updates to come in the new year.

@Ramesh_Nagarajan Any estimate on when we could expect that? We might just have to manually copy and paste if not before early Feb, which we’d all love to avoid. Trying to get everyone connected internally via Coda ASAP.

Understood. I’ll provide an update first week of Jan.

Thank you, @Ramesh_Nagarajan. Much appreciated.

@Brenden_Beatty Happy new year! Quick update re: importing images from Confluence. We are currently working on adding image support and should have an update to the existing Confluence importer beta in the next few weeks. We’ll release it with the expectation that there may be issues/gaps so please do test it out and give us feedback. We are hoping to move the Confluence importer out of beta to a full launch this quarter once we have resolved feature gaps (images, attachments) and the top performance/stability issues. Thanks

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Addind to the use cases, I use DRAFTS as an editing tool and want to be able to copy and paste the markdown from DRAFTS into Coda docs and have it render using the Markdown codes. Thanks for the consideration.