Launched: New sharing features (public sharing, embeds, comment-only permission)

Great work, @alexdeneui & @Angad !
The new embedding feature looks great! What I’d also really like to see is the ability to separately embed or share specific doc elements (like a specific section, table, or chart). Often the whole doc is simply too much info to embed/share…

Will this be possible? -JT :sunglasses:


@jtbrown3 thanks for your feedback! Agree that the ability to share only specific sections, tables or charts can be very useful and are all on our list of improvements. Meanwhile, would suggest the workaround of a button that emails a section and can pair it with an automation that sends out a daily update. It’s not the same as what you’re looking for but might address some use cases.

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@Angad Thx for your receptivity and the workaround idea of the Gmail button :slight_smile:

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Sweet update, keep it up you guys

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@guiheneuc_Gr thank you!

Awesome, thanks!

One last missing feature for me as far as sharing goes is section sharing.
One big reason why we’re using Coda is that it allows everything to be at one place and it works great internally. But then you want to share just one page with someone external, and there is no straightforward and easy way to do that. Is there a chance this feature will be added, or does it go against your concept?


Hey @Tomas_Bachtik, sharing only specific parts of a doc and setting fine-grained permissions are definitely not something that go against our philosophy :slightly_smiling_face: – it’s just something we haven’t gotten to yet. It’s a fair bit of work technically and is on our radar, though we don’t have an ETA at this time.


@Angad & @oleg
Thanks for the Coda Doc sharing feature!
However, our team is experiencing a serious issue in that these shared Docs are not compatible with ‘Microsoft Teams’ (desktop apps) and ‘Edge’ browsers. Cross-browser support is very important.

Are you planning to support Edge soon (and Teams)? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @jtbrown3 we are aware that Coda embeds do not work well with Microsoft Edge browsers. We are definitely planning to start supporting more browsers very soon. At the moment, Edge is seeing the least traffic among all the browsers that we do not support so we might not get to that specifically for a while.

However, the issue with Microsoft teams has nothing to do with Edge. Microsoft is actually using Chrome in their Teams product, but it’s a pretty outdated version of that browser. Hopefully, they will be upgrading to a newer version of Chrome and that should support Coda docs automatically. We are monitoring the number of people using Microsoft teams but at the moment this is a low number as well (since we also require a google login at the moment, which leaves out people in the Microsoft ecosystem).

I use Safari and Firefox. I used Coda briefly and loved it. Unfortunately, I’m not a Chrome user, I have no intention of booting up Chrome everytime I want to run Coda. I’m on the fence until Coda becomes compatible with Safari and Firefox. I believe Coda will be widely adopted if it runs on all browsers.

Just my two cents.

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Thx @Angad!
I appreciate your thoughtful response and info! :sunglasses:

Totally agree. Safari and Firefox are very high on our list and we hope to roll those out as soon as possible.

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I like the sharing part. Personally I would love to share only a part instead of all document. Lets say I fill my overview page and distract all information to different locations.
I would love people to edit and view their Folder/Section and not all folders and sections.

Love it so far!

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I really like the sharing part, but I do think it falls short in one scenario. That is when you have an internal doc that you want to share, but you can’t since all the internal history is still in the revision history of the doc.

I would like to be able to share/copy a doc but without the actual data.



Dear Tomas,

A very strong point; there should be an option to delete the history.

Kind regards,

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Hey guys, we’re aware of the current limitation of sharing revision history when you share a doc. The underlying mechanism by which Coda works assumes that docs start out blank and have changes applied over time on them, so there would be a good bit of engineering work to support wiping out history on share/copy. Certainly doable, but it’s something we just haven’t gotten to yet.

In the meantime, our current recommended approach (and something we’ve used ourselves when putting up docs into the templates gallery) is to make a new doc and manually recreate the original one without any data you don’t want shared.

Hey Oleg,

Thanks for giving us an update on this. However, I’m a bit disappointed at the response. I hope that you guys are planning to put this higher on the to do list. Because it seems to me, you guys are going to be attracting more people who want to use this in tracking their businesses, which means they’ll want to use this with team mates & clients (I know I do!). I really suggest you guys make this a priority. I think this is probably 1 of maybe 2 features that might prevent me from bringing everything over. I am currently on Clickup, which is a great software itself, but there are things missing that Coda already has (i.e. automation). The ability to create anything you want and make your workspace flexible makes this app even more appealing. So I HIGHLY suggest you guys make it a priority. :grin:

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It would be nice in “Play” mode to be able to change values in the Table e see the Results. but those change be temporary and not affect the Template.

I Created an Compare calculator between to Car Companys that will functiona like an App.
I want my Friends to use the App, but not change any formulas.
I they Copy the doc the new values in the main table will not be copied over.

I Think that the Concept o “Play” Should be to be able the change the values but no sync back to the main document.

Hey @Gavin_Goncalves, in Play mode changes won’t actually affect your original template doc. If you send someone a link to your doc and it’s in “Can view or play” mode, that’s what will happen:

You can also open your link in Incognito mode and that way any changes you (or another editor) make in that doc won’t be saved to the original template. (Or, as a shortcut, try adding ?viewMode=play at the end of your doc URL, or right before any # in it.)

Thankyou for the information.