Layout editor crashes when clicking 'options' in a lookup table

Hi team, I think this is a bug.
See the screenshot below. When I click the highlighted button, I would expect to be able to change the options for the lookup table in this layout, but instead I get reverted back to my subpage. Its like the layout crashes? The same happens with the columns button.

Hello @Freerk_Lap ,

I can confirm what you see, but I think it is not meant to work the way you use it.

  1. make sure your page is not locked (if you even use that - I do)
  2. open the row for editing - the row that holds the ticket (sub) table.
  3. instead of clicking on edit layout, move your mouse down to hoover over the tickets subtable (not over the label Tickets, but any other part of the table)
  4. when doing so the table menu appears (filter , sort, columns, options) and you use any of these options to fine tune your subtable options, sort and columns.

Once you know, it’s pretty easy.

Good luck,
Greetings, Joost

Hi Joost, fellow dutchy :slight_smile:
I think I know what you’re saying, but I think this is what I was doing? My goal was to edit the subtable view for all my Client items (the main table in this case), thats why I wanted to edit it in the layout. Or do you mean that I can edit the subtable columns and options from any item without going into the layout editor?

Hey @Freerk_Lap ,

It is not that you can, but you have to edit the subtable one step before you get into the edit-layout mode. I don’t think it’s a bug - it’s how you would edit any table. A table is not a layout, but it can be part of a layout.


Thanks! In the end I figured it out. Its a bit cofusing because the edit options for the table appear in the layout editor, hence my confusion. But its working now :smiley:

You are right about the confusion, but it is really amazing that this is possible in a no code environment. And even in your subtable you can nest another subtable. If you filter properly, this is really powerful!

Tables all the way down :wink: Thats really cool. I’ve used ClickUp before for my project management, but its a huge disappointment due to the many bugs it has. Also, its way less flexible. I can’t even begin to dream off all the possibilities that Coda offers.

Yes, I am a 3-year ‘veteran’ and Coda has never yet stopped amazing me.
If your ‘problem’ is solved, perhaps you can mark one of the answers as a solution.

Hi Joost, how do I do that?

Hit the three little dots underneath the message with the solution and mark ‘solution’.

I don’t have enough social score for that I think. I can see all those buttons except for the solution one.

Strange - I clicked it in your behalve.

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