PSA: Subtables from the same table now work in Layout mode

I remember previously there was a limitation that if a row contained a lookup column to the same table (e.g. to link people to other people or to link subtasks to a task), there would be no way to display that subtable as a proper table. We were stuck with the “pills” view. I.e. this toggle wasn’t there:

Just noticed that now there is, and you can have a flow where you e.g. traverse the hierarchy of data through subtables of the same table:

It’s even possible to recursively render Detail layouts now, if you ever think it’s a good idea for your case:


Please share doc with allow to copy.


Yeah, just was doing that :slight_smile: Here’s the template


Please allow to copy . Thanks. image

Hmm. This is new. They started hiding that button; I saw it there for a quick moment. Didn’t find a toggle to show it though.

This still works:

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Okay .Got it. Thanks.

BTW. I like original Copy doc with red button on the top left .

Guess it’s only meant for Publish mode now. This template is too unpolished to be publish-worthy, so I shared it the old way.

Back to talk nested table.

How about this idea ?

Directly add nested sub-task in kanban mode.

Nice share @Paul, thank you :coffee: