Database items to open as pages

Hi there!
I like my database items (such as tasks or projects) to serve as jam-boards, or spaces to include some more levels of nested info / notes / pages. It would be great to have the option to create that extra level of information rabbit-hole depth.
You’re probably quite bored of hearing “Notion this and that…”. But well… :wink: It’s mainly because of this ability, that I for now stick with Notion as my primary command center. My mind has crazy number of layers, and there’s a great need for being able to map them.

Thanks for considering my suggestion!


Hi @Sara_Kasprowicz,

I guess you already saw this:


Her mean is the nested page in table.

Thanks @Steve_Yang!
My bad :roll_eyes:

Hey @Sara_Kasprowicz, here’s something you can put together. Feel free to use as a template.