Learn Coda in 30 Days *FREE*

:raised_hands: Its been 8 months in the making but its finally ready!:raised_hands:

If you are wanting to learn more about Coda, 30 Days of Coda is for you

What is 30 days of Coda?

30 Days of Coda is FREE newsletter where you can learn all about Coda in just 30 days.

Its free, its extensive, it’s amazing and dare I say just a bit fun.

How do I sign up?

Simply sign up with this form linked HERE

Tell me more, what does it cover?

30 Days of Coda covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Course and Coda
  2. Workspace Setup
  3. Tables vs. Views
  4. Table View Types
  5. Filtering Tables 101
  6. Data Types
  7. Naming Conventions
  8. Formula Basics & Best Practices
  9. Display Column
  10. Buttons Intro
  11. Automations
  12. Webhook Automations
  13. Charts in Coda
  14. ForEach() formula
  15. Buttons Deep Dive
  16. Using Packs
  17. Developing Packs
  18. Doc Performance & Speed
  19. Coda’s Limits
  20. Data Privacy
  21. Sharing Permissions
  22. Cross-doc Quirks
  23. Publishing Coda Docs
  24. User() Formula
  25. UI / UX Design and Tips
  26. Table Rows in Modal View
  27. The Master Table & Its Distinctives
  28. Selling Docs & Templates
  29. Bonus Tips

Sign up below, or share this link with a friend, because we all know that sharing is caring!

:mega: Big shoutout to @Steven_Hurtado1 for all of his work and insight and to @ebunge and all her work in helping launch it as well! Could never have got this up without your help


Amazing @Scott_Collier-Weir ! This is great content for people trying to learn how to develop and master their Coda super powers!
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Highly recommend this mini email course. I learned a lot! Great work @Scott_Collier-Weir

Thank you so much!

Feel free to spread the word and the link around. The more people the merrier

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