Learning from Akiflow

I know we’re are weeks apart from the new game changer features we all have been waiting for and we are all still anxious for them.

Meanwhile, I used akiflow for some time and was really impressed with how fluid it is to deal with tasks. Their combination between fast performance :racing_car:, beautiful calendar integration :ok_hand:, exciting pop-up messages and specially great shortcuts :champagne: made everything work seemingly. Tag filtering is also something nice (but limited to one tag per taks for now). Of course if my tasks in Coda are lines in tables there is much more information “under the hood” of each task, which perfectly explains the slight laziness to manipulate them.

Either way, it would be great to see Coda working on that direction too, just as it is already working to make each line of a table a complete page of its own :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hi Daniel,

Are you more thinking of functionality, or of user interface?

Hi Piet :smile:

I understand that the “alert” messages are more of a user interface feature, whereas the others I mentioned are more functional.

Alert messages apear all the time helping the user to get faster (they are really helpful). Here you’ll notice the omnipresence of the shortcuts as welll:

Even outside the app itself (if you allow it).

The fast performance I mentioned can be easily felt, for example, on the universal command bar. Anywhere I am I can call it with Alt+Space and it comes pretty fast. Handy shortcuts appear again and again: