Less mind clutter on table hover

Hello, I’ve been trying to switch from Notion, and I love Coda, unfortunately there is always a but.

What I realized after some time experimenting is that Coda feels visually more complicated. I want to focus on one specific subject:

Table hover animations/information.

Hovering over a new row or an existing cell so much information appears that it’s being confusing.
For example:
1. Why should a new New Row appear while hovering every column, instead of one fixed on the left or middle of the full width of the new row?

2. Why while hovering a new row or an existing cell should the following information pop: Filter/Sort/Columns/Options on TOP RIGHT, Table Title Views-Options on Top-Left ? Too much info

Info should pop when hovering over the respective element. The Table’s options should be fixed on top right or in case of matter of cleaner view there should be an option to leave it shown or hidden (pop on hover).

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Hi @Dimitrios_Theofanous, and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

As an “old time” user i actually like to use the “filter/sort/column etc” blue link above tables, it’s my preferred way, if i had to find the column i want to filter in 100+ columns table i would become crazy :sweat_smile: Those also help me using filters based on multiple columns or canvas controls!

For what regard your first point i think i didn’t get it, could you please help me understand it? :slight_smile:

hey @Mario, thank you for the welcoming and for the reply also.

I also like using the filter/sort/options, I just don’t need them to appear on hover. They could be fixed in place. While hovering your mouse over a cell or a row too many visual cues appear thus, distracting the eye.
Visually I would prefer to have them permanently appear on each table or at least, have an option to have them either fixed or appear on hover.

As for the first point, again, same thing, hovering over a potential new row, you have a “new row” message in every column. Alongside all the rest information that appear while hovering over something in the table.

tldr; you mouse-hover over 1 thing, you get 3-4 different additional animations/information.
Hopefully this recorded action will help:

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Hey @Dimitrios_Theofanous now i’ve got it! :slight_smile:

You should be able to disable (lol) “New Row” “button” in the table settings!
Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 16.51.47

It moves with you because if you have a long table (many columns) you have the possibility to add a new one also in the extreme right part! :slight_smile:

For the hovering i personally like it like that, but it would be interesting to catch some other opinions form others :slight_smile:

Good Idea, I would prefer if you could keep them there constantly whether you are hovering or not.