More information density on Tables

Loving exploring Coda. However, I’ve noticed that I can see a lot of more of my similarly designed tables on Excel than on Coda.

While I like the extra white space, there’s a lot of scrolling that needs to happen to see my tables on Coda. I wouldn’t mind an option to lessen the white space and reduce the font so I can see more on one screen.

Likewise, it would be nice to set rows or columns to remain static while scrolling.



Thanks @Daniel_Kuney for the suggestion. Something we are working on. Bumped it up to the team!

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Just wanted to bump this up. I still wish I could see more rows without scrolling. While I like that Coda isn’t an Excel clone, I do find it helpful to somehow see the full picture of my table in one glance, rather than needing to scroll down a long page.

Could an option be added to reduce zoom out on the view in Coda?


options I would love to achieve this

1/ vertical column titles
for langer titles with short (number) content

2/ hide and show (collapse) a group of columns
for info you don’t need all the time
expand a row has the downside that you only see info of 1 row
having 2 views of the same table seems cumbersome

3/ layout options in a row
I would love to have more options in a row
for example for a list of products with a title and description, it would be nice to place them above each other instead a pure column view
a bit like in detail view, but i want to see all rows together

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THIS!!! :point_up::point_up::point_up: Especially for Emoji buttons or checkbox columns! The names are blatantly unreadable in these cases…

I really did like this feature from spreadsheets, and was sad that it doesn’t really exist in Coda yet.

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I agree with the initial statement. Even if if like what you did recently with the canvas width, it is not yet addressing some users concerns.
It would be great to have an option to be able to use more space on the width of the canvas, for tables as well as canvas content. And finally reducing the fonts size to see more informations.

Hi Team Coda - just wanted to check in on this again. Is there any plan, or upcoming option, to increase the visible area of a table by reducing white space and decreasing font size?

I have some larger tables and I just want to be able to look at a table and see everything at once, rather than scrolling left/right or up/down.


Hi @Daniel_Kuney!

You might find this Chrome extension helpful:

If you full screen just your table and run this extension, it will screenshot your whole table into one image :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m aware of a few different hacks to achieve this. Sometimes I just zoom way out when I’m using Coda, but I would really like to see Coda address this natively.

This is something that needs to be rolled into a larger set of layout updates since it’s not just a quick code change. But it is something that we’re looking at and researching. We’ve got some mockups and ideas floating around and have been researching a good bit.

No ETA, but on our radar and being researched for sure.


@BenLee - thank you so much for responding to this head on and sharing where you are in the process. I really value this openness from Coda.

I have been pinging AirTable for over a year now on certain features (grouping on iPad!), and they just refuse to respond or acknowledge all of the users who have been asking them about this.

While we users recognize we aren’t privy to every road map decision, and we aren’t in the driver’s seat on the direction of a product, it’s really great to feel heard and to understand your thinking on the development process. So thank you!

Also great to hear that you are aware of this and brainstorming ways to add in more density to the main Coda layout.


Hi @BenLee - I’ve been really impressed with the weekly updates your team is making. So many great little tweaks coming all of the time.

Just curious, do you think some tweaks to information density may be coming soonish? I am looking to start a big project for work and I’d like to use Coda, but this is one thing that’s really holding me back.

Thanks Ben and please keep up all of the great work.

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Hi team @Coda1 – it’s been so exciting to watch all of the nips and tucks your team is making the summer.

Just wanted to see if there was an update on the work you’re doing to achieve more table density?