Condensed Table Format

Coda docs have a distinctive overall styling which is generally a nice amount of white space and padding between elements - and I really like it but there are times when a more compact/condensed view would be very helpful, particularly when viewing tables which require lots of columns/rows. It’s time like this that I miss or revert back to a Spreadsheet as i have way more control over the formatting and can get a lot more data on the screen.

So I’d be keen to see a condensed table format, that would:

  • Reduce the cell padding
  • have a smaller font size
  • allow text cells to have no wrap and hide any overflow, so rows can be limited to a single line

I agree that we need more condensed tables


  • viewing column title at 90° would make a big difference)
  • having no borders around a page
  • vertical grid lines would be nice as well

but making sure rows are limited to a single line is all-ready possible
click on column title dropdown, and select unwrap text, do this for each column

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Thanks Pieter for unwrap suggestion, works great for standard text rows with single paragraph content but if you have any new lines or some other formatting like bullet points then text is unwrapped but you still get multiple lines. You also don’t seem to be able to unwrap text columns that are grouped over.

Be nice for some further tweaks to get all those rows down to single lines in a condensed format - a single switch to jump between condensed and normal (kind of like what Gmail offers, default, comfortable and compact) would be great and maybe we can set what the properties the condensed view uses.