Let 'thisrow' exist in formulas outside of a table to create universal functions in a doc

We use the same formula a lot for several tables in our doc.

And rather than having to change that formula slightly for 40 tables, I’d like to be able to reference that formula in a doc that just calls it like you would a function in javascript.

But ‘thisrow’ doesn’t populate or work in these formula’s because of them not being hosted in a table.

This works for any other formula element, just not ‘thisrow’.

If this change could be added, it would allow me to really leverage formulas to make editing my existing tables a breeze.

Thanks for reading.

Can you please give an example? What kind of formula is that you have to reuse across 40 tables. I’m almost sure there’s some proper way to solve whatever you need.

thisRow makes sense only within row context because that’s what it refers to — a row that has the cell the formula is currently calculating for.

It’s not a complex formula, it was basically tracking call attendance. We just wanted to reference it rather than having it typed 40 times.

ModifyRows([rows],[table].[Last Coaching Call Attended Name (Portal)] ,
    split(thisrow.Event.Last(), "(P").First(),
    [table].[Last Attended Coaching Call Date (Portal)],