Limiting people selections and pinging them via e-mail in forms

The Situation:

I have a team of 5 people in a company of 300. I would like to create a form that has a column which allows people to select from 2-3 people for that specific form (multiple or single people can be selected).

I would also like those people to be notified when they are selected on a submitted form.

The Problem:

If I make the column people (so that it notifies them) - it shows everyone within the space and not just my team.

If I make the column a list, I can’t figure out how to parse it using a formula so that it pings each person selected.

I’ve looked around and been unable to find anything that fits this specific problem.

End Goal

The end goal is to have someone submit a form which alerts 2-3 people chosen on the form (preferably through an email).

Thank you for your help!

Edit: Apologies if this is a rather simple problem and I’m missing something obvious - I try to look around for a solution before hand but am not a programmer so sifting through formulas can be a bit challenging.

Dear @Ava_Hernandez ,

Taking inspiration from this post:, you should be able to assign / filter the 5 colleagues of your department to your department name and filter them based on the department.

Concerning the notifications, I recommend to have a look to this article

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