Line breaks in formula template?

I am trying to add line breaks into a formula template, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

For instance, given this sliver of a formula:

thisRow.Symbol+" Notes:“+ " Date”

Is there something I can add to the formula so that Symbol and Notes and Date each appear on a separate line?

I tried to use Split(" ").Join(LineBreak()) but I couldn’t get it to work…

Many thanks, Gregg

Try putting them in a list right away instead like this

List(thisRow.Symbol, "Notes:", "Date").Join(LineBreak())

Perfect, thank you!
For anyone else looking at this…if you have a long formula with lots of pieces of data you want to break into separate lines at specific points, you can keep repeating Rickard’s basic string:

So this:
List(thisRow.Symbol, thisRow.Date, thisRow.Notes).Join(LineBreak())
Gives you this:
But repeating .Join(LineBreak()).List() gives you additional control over where the line break occurs:
List(thisRow.Symbol).Join(LineBreak()).List(thisRow.Date+": "+thisRow.Notes).Join(LineBreak())
So you get this:
Date: Notes

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