Text formatting in a formula?

Hi…is it possible to format text in a formula?
For instance, is it possible to make this text “The quick red fox” appear in a color like red?
And would it be possible to add a line break between words or sentences, so it appeared as:

Thanks, Gregg

Hi @Gregg_Stebben

Of course, find this quick example

To create format template, I suggest you create a new Template Table and call it using Format() function. IN template table, you create the look you want, using {1}, etc… for futur use in the Format function

for example for blue, bold et centered, here is the formula in the main table

And to break your works, use a combination of Split(" ") function, that will split your sentence for each “blank” character, and replace them with linebreak using Join()

This is the doc, please have fun with it and tell me what you think :wink:



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This is awesome, thank you!!!

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Hi @Gregg_Stebben happy this helped ! Do not hesitate for any further questions you may have :wink:

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