Formating Text w/ formulas

I would love to see the ability to format text with formulas. Bolding, italicizing, and underling would all be extremely helpful when trying to use formulas to build dynamic rich text descriptions within tables.

Ideally it would look like [Table].Titles.ToBold() to get the results I would be most interested in.


Hey @Nick_Storrs you can accomplish all three with:

  • _bold()
  • _italicize()
  • _underline()

They are hidden formulas and are subject to change, but are otherwise safe to use. Enjoy!


Hi @Nick_Storrs, solution posted by @Johg_Ananda is nice and works until hidden formulas will be supported, so hopefully for some time, but i thought that maybe if you use table formatting you can achieve, at lest partially a similar result, could it be? :slight_smile: