Use formula on Filter based on Text Formatting

I would like to use a Filter in a table to hide the entries with certain text formatting. Is it possible? I found some formulas like _Bold() but i think they convert the text formatting and i did not find a way to use them on the filter formula.

I would like to do something like:

  • hide a row that has Bold-Text
  • hide the entries that are “coloured” Red.


Hi @fei,

Short and official answer:
Unfortunately it’s not possible to programmatically detect text formatting and act accordingly.

It might be possible, but you should rely on the _Merge() formula (not official and might be discontinued) to have the JSON representation of the formatted text. At that point, you need to write some not trivial logic to detect formatted spans among text ranges and finally, rebuild the text (with ParseJSON()).

For the sake of simplicity, I’d assume the first one.

Perhaps another approach is to understand if formatted text has different meaning and therefore see if a different data model of text sources could be put in place to show/hide those information.

I hope it helps.

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