Linear integration limitations

Hi! I wanted to find out if the Linear integration offers more than what I’ve been able to get from it. I see that I can insert my inbox in a Coda document, but I can’t see the comments that I see when I am looking at a certain issue in the Linear app. Is that something that I have to toggle (comments)? Haven’t been able to find settings for comments. Thanks!

Hi @David_Bogdan !

Leandro the Linear Pack maker here :slight_smile:

The Notifications table includes the comment related to the notification when it is about an issue, is that what you are referring to?

No, I mean the Inbox just the wait it appears in Linear. And the comments that team members in Linear leave on certain issues.

Oh yes, comments in the issue are not included in the sync at the moment. I will add it to the roadmap to include a Comments table and a relation to the Issues table :slight_smile:

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