Link tables with unique ID (emails)


I’m currently working with two tables and my goal is to import data from Table B into Table A, using a unique identifier – the email address.

I attempted to use the following formula: Lookup(Table B, Table B.Email, thisRow.Email). Interestingly, it only functions for a handful of rows.

Table A is populated with data from the ChartMogul pack, and Table B is using data from the Gmail pack. I’ve noticed that the presentation of text between these two sources varies, which might be contributing to the issue (screenshots below). Could the discrepancy in text formatting be the reason why my formula is only partially successful?

Any insights or suggestions on how to overcome this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Here’s a bit more context. I suspect that the issue lies with the Gmail Pack. The “from” column, which houses the email addresses, often seems to be reformatted with a name (for example: “Hubspot” instead of “”). I’ve tried to reformat this column with a formula, but I encounter the following error: “This column is filled by the Gmail Pack and can’t be edited in Coda.”

Does anyone have ideas or workarounds to bypass this issue? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Jeremy! I think you’re on the right track here. I might try something like:
[Table A].Filter(From.Email.contains(thisRow.Email))

Another thing you could try is pulling the email addresses out into their own columns since you’re dealing with Chips (objects) rather than plain text values.

When you hover on the From values in your Gmail table, there may be an Add+ button to pull that data out into a column, but if not, you can do this via column formula with From.Email

If you do this for both Table A and Table B, you could then use something like
Table A.Filter(Email.contains(thisRow.Email)) to create a relation there.

Some resources that may be helpful here:

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It works! Thank you so much Nicole :star_struck:

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