Create table with Unique Values from other table

Hi folks!

Maybe you can help with this apparently simple request that I can’t seem to make work any way.

TL;DR request: Use column X from table 1 to populate column Y from table 2 with it’s unique values (dynamically).

Here’s the document I’m working in:


  • I have a table called Feedback that has many rows/feedback pieces. There’s a column there called User Email representing an unique email from a user, but the same user can share multiple pieces (rows) of feedback, of course.
  • I want to create a separate table called User List, which is meant to be an analysis from the user point of view AKA “let me see the feedback given by specific users”.
  • The User List table main column should be User Email as well, but in this case it should be unique and dynamically populated having the column from the Feedback table as source.

I’ve checked the community high and low but for some reason nothing works.

I was kind of expecting this would be a somewhat simple lookup setup. Anything that I’m doing terribly wrong?

Really appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Hi Huge,

Can I ask why the User table needs to be a different table at all? Could you just create a view of the Feedback table and group it by email address?

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Hi Samuel!

That’s a good question and a great suggestion :slight_smile:

Your solution seems a good option for version 1, as I’m wasting too much time in this and it gives a good enough interface to search for information.

However, as I’m considering 3 types of entities (Feedback, Users, Companies) and the relationships between them (Users provide Feedback, Users belong to Companies), I think it would make sense to have 3 different tables.

Having different tables would also allow to, for example, add new Columns, such as Tags, to Users or Companies. These tags would be directly related with those entities and not to the Feedback items, which are represented as rows in the original table.

I hope the above makes sense!

However, I’m still puzzled why it’s so difficult to achieve what I’m looking for…

This is how I would do that, but there may be easier solutions.

I’d made a button on your feedback table to add a a row to your Users table, like so:

Then I’d disable the button if the users table contains that rows email address:
Then create an automation that whenever a new row is added (either row change or Form submitted) then it presses the button.

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Thanks, really appreciate it! I will try that.

However, and unfortunately, that won’t allow the two tables to be in sync.

It keeps eluding me why all proposed solutions (here and elsewhere) require buttons and static values versus lookups and dynamic values.

Maybe someone in the community knows the answer :slight_smile:

Hi Hugo,

You need to add the rows to the user table somehow, and buttons are just how you perform that action. Once you’ve completed the button, you can make a relation column between Feedback & Users, and make the values to be as such:

Then you can do a similar thing with your companies table.

I can DM you.

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