Extract unique column values to populate another table's column

I am looking to extract the unique values from column Name in Table 1 to populate column Unique Name in Table 2.

Hi Nate,

The simplest way would be to make Table1 - Name a select list, and then create a table from that slect list.


Hi @Piet_Strydom, unfortunately I need to go the other direction. This is a simplified version of a time tracking table for one of our departments. I need to summarize some data based on the name field from Table 1, which is not a discrete list.

So you want a button to transfer rows with a unique name from one table to another?
I’m doing that here with multiple tables to a single one, so your use-case would be simpler:

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hi @Nate_Eikelberg , hi @Piet_Strydom
one option is to use a button outside the table as you see below.

[Nate All].Name.Unique().ForEach(AddRow([Nate Unique],[Nate Unique].Name,CurrentValue))

hope it helps, Christiaan


sorry @Rickard_Abraham , I had my solution open while working on something else and did not see your contribution. Looks great.

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Thanks to @Christiaan_Huizer and @Rickard_Abraham for the suggestions and sorry for my delayed response. I got caught up on another project and haven’t been able to revisit this till now. Looks like this solves it, although I’m surprised there isn’t a way to effectively do something like SPLIT(ListCombine()) along with some magical function that splits those into rows.

hi @Nate_Eikelberg , good to hear from you again
the solution I proposed generates new rows per unique item.
cheers, Christiaan

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