Add Unique values from a column of a table each as a new row in another table

Hi, I have a table of workflow states:

As you can see, the “Name” column has many duplicates.

I want to add each unique value in the “Name” column as a new row in my new table. It should look something like this:

The above image was generated from looking at other forum posts and doing the “button method”. It has two issues in my opinion:

  1. This is impractical for scalability since it needs manually pressed whenever new values are added

  2. There is still a duplicate “Ready for Review” carried over.

The ideal solution here is a dynamically updated table that has rows that are populated from the original table by first converting the values to lowercase and then adding each unique value.

Here is my formula for the button if this helps at all:

  • [Workflow States].Name.Unique().ForEach(AddRow(Table,Table.Name,CurrentValue))

The simplest way would be to make the column a select list, and then put that select list into a new table. Then it will always be in sync.

Your capitalisation on the two entries are different.


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