Unique values in new rows

I am guessing there is a simple solution out there and I am driving myself crazy trying to find it. Anyway, I have a massive table with a Customer Name field… each customer name could have hundreds of rows associated with it.

In another table, I am trying to list the unique customer names. I can use the “sourcetable.customer_name.unique()” equation to capture the unique names in a list, however, splitting the names into rows is proving to be challenging.

I saw someone used an approach like “sourcetable.customer_name.unique().formulamap(addrow())”, but that is erroring out on the addrow piece.

Any ideas? Feels like this should be a simple solution.

Hey @Eckles_Brock

Here is a quick solution to create/update your customer list

Here is my initial situation : a Table with transaction including the customers you want to extract, and a Customer Table

Firstly, I check if the customer already exist in the CUstomer table (this is for further update)

Then, I’ve got a button that will create unique row in CustomerTable for customer that does not already exist → this allow initial creation but also update

And here you go


Please find embed and play with it



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Great, thanks!! Really appreciate the help!

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Hi Eckles,

What you could also do is to follow the following steps:

  • Make the customer column a Select column type.
  • And then go to the column options, and choose the option “Convert to table”.
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