Link to a different row in a table


I’m interested in linking two rows in a table.

I have a table called “meeting notes” that has a column called “name” and “date”. I would like to be able to link a row with name “xyz” to the last row (as determined by “date”) that has the same name.

What is the best way to do this? Is this something I should do upon row creation? or dynamically upon clicking the button that would take me to the previous row?


What do you mean with “Link”?

What about just sorting by name by date?


Like a button that will take me to that row.

When I’m entering meeting notes, sometimes it is useful for me to reference the previous occurrence of this meeting.


Hi Jack,

Do you always just want the previous meeting? What about two meetings back? Or three?

The simplest way woud still be to just sort the table in meeting/ date sequence.

If you want to implement a button to open the previous row, you would first need to rank() the table in the sequence you want, and then use the ranked sequence to determine the previous row. An example of using rank() on a table to be able to work sequentially through the rows is shown below.


Hi Piet,

Thanks for responding and the pointer to “rank()”

I always just want the previous meeting for the button.

One thing I’m not clear on - how do I use rank to filter down to rows with the same “name” column value, and to sort on the date column?

Sorry if these are basic questions - I’m happy to look at resources that might be able to help me if that is easier.


I’m trying a different approach using a button with an action of Open Row - but I’m having trouble figuring out how to filter to the first row with the same name sorted by date descending. Any tips on how to do that?

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