Dynamically numbered rows

I have a need to have a column that numbers the rows that share a like value in a specific column. Explicitly, I’m building a doc for one on one’s. The master table lists rows of things to discuss and sync on. One column is the date of the one on one. I want to number the rows for each meeting. If I have 8 events to talk about on 8/3/2018 I want those 8 events to be numbered 1 - 8.

I’ve created a column using RowID to number each row. I have a column with the date of the event. I’ve groups the date column so I can see them all one after another. I need a column where it lists the number of the row as it relates to the date column.

You can use Rank() against a filtered subset of a column to achieve this.
So, Rank(RowID, Thistable.Filter(thisrow.Date=date).RowID) would give you a dynamic numbered row for each group of dates.

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