List all Unresolved Comments?

Under comments you get a list of all resolved comments but there’s no option to see a list of unresolved comments. When a page is very long, we currently scroll and scroll and scroll to find all unresolved comments. Is there a way to see all unresolved comments in a list like the resolved comments?



Might be possible with @Paul_Danyliuk’s [BETA] 💬 Comments Pack

Unfortunately we cannot use any 3rd party packs unless they meet a very high level of security compliance which that pack (like most 3rd party packs) do not meet today.

While the pack looks great for power users to create advanced comment functionality, even if we could use it, it’s difficult to deploy this as the solution to all docs across all stakeholders to address the basics of commenting. Here’s the two problems we’re seeing and getting complaints from team dozens of team members:

  1. They find it very difficult to find all the comments they own or are mentioned on. As a result team members are not addressing open comments.

  2. Team members (especially project owners of a doc) find it difficult to find all unresolved (open) comments regardless of whether they own or are mentioned on the comment.

The ability to find/address comments is an essential part of what makes Commenting functionality so powerful as well as make it work. Does Coda really not have these capabilities?

Agree completely.

I need to be able to see a clean list of unresolved comments.

I’d also like to be able to selectively dismiss items from the notification list at top right of the usual Coda window.

At present I’m coralling email notifications, as that seems to be the best (only?) way to curate my own list of actionable comments.

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