List of dates for the current week

Good afternoon! I need to have in each row or above the table a list of dates for the current week, a list. And that it is updated every week to the current one. Can you please tell me how this can be implemented?

Hi @oskotskayasvetlana

You can use this formula. But be careful it uses an hidden formula “datestartof”. When you type it, it wont autocomplete but if you finish it completely, it works :wink:



Actually, you don’t need to rely on a hidden formula to get to that result :wink: : There’s DateTimeTruncate() :innocent:

:information_source: : the start of the week to which Today() is rounded is doc dependant (I.e.: it relies on the First day of the week chosen in the Doc’s settings)


How great it feels to keep on learning everyday about coda :slight_smile:

Thanks @Pch !


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