Return Date of Friday of "This Week"


We have a recurring meeting every Friday, and I am simply looking for a formula to automate the date in a line of text for a view of what’s happening this week Friday so they know what agenda they’re looking at.

Example, visiting the page any day between March 13 - March 19 should return " 3/18/22."

Is that possible?

For sure! There are a lot of ways to handle use-cases like this, and different formulas you can write to extract that data - but here’s one that comes top of mind for me:

I work a lot with dates in my docs so have built a reference/education doc that gives a ton of tricks and help if you want to do a deeper dive → Dates, Dates and More Dates


I like the WeekDayName() = “Friday” approach, it is user friendly. I thought of this variation applying the WeekDay() logic (Friday is day number 5):


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WOW! Thank you! I wouldn’t have come up with that in a million years. Cheers, Scott!


Hey! Just for clarities sake - I just realized the formula I gave above was meant to list the days in a week for non-american countries (aka where the week starts on Monday)

If you want to start the week on Sunday, change the weekStart+1 to simply weekStart and turn weekStart+7 into weekStart+6

For your specific use case, what I have you will work perfectly. But in case others see the post later I just wanted to clarify!

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