List of Named Formulas


I am trying to create a table with all of my Named Formulas, but the expected table behaviour is making this difficult. In particular, tables automatically apply formulas to all rows (behaviour that is expected and nice). However, in my situation, I actually want a different–named–formula in each row.

See the screenshot below that illustrates my issue:

Why do I want to do this? I discovered that Coda does not save Named Formulas. Named Formulas (afaik) must remain somewhere in your workplace to be accessed. So I created a separate section with all of my named formulas, as well as a nice table that makes understanding them in the future much easier.

Let me know if anyone has a creative design solution to my issue.


Yeah, that would be really useful. I solved it similarly: I have a folder Admin, with a section ‘Globals’. I make a list with all the FormulaNames as ‘variables’ like this: /TodayLocal/ < =the formula >, that will not display the formula .

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