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Ya that’s a fair point and rather unfortunate now that a TON of businesses actually rely on Facebook. Again, it isn’t ideal but has been working really well for our users!

Indeed, but it’s really business users who are endeared to the freedom of Facebook. Businesses themselves (specifically technology leaders and engineers) who are looking for technical, integration, and IT-level support are not so easily compelled to use Facebook to advance their infrastructure and knowledge or engage in support.

I get it though – your platform is more likely to attract code-free configurators and business domain experts because their own IT resources are constrained, unsupportive, or non-existent altogether. As such, Facebook is ideal for the vast audience you try to help so they can just make stuff work.

In my view, there’s a huge opportunity to carve out an emerging market segment in the glue-like integration segment where hybrid integrations are required (i.e., glue + events + script). In the emerging API economy and others are diving in to change the integration marketplace to address the need for “complex adhesives”. If Integromat is interested in this segment (and I believe it has the technical chops), it cannot attract the deeper conversations required with developers concerning the more complex hybrid integrations using Facebook.

Just sayin…

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the detailed note, appreciate it. I’d like to respond in two parts:

  1. A lot of advanced users are building a business on Integromat. We recently launched our partner program and have quickly touched 80+ certified partners who are equipped to cater to the needs of business leaders looking for technical, integration, and IT-level support. We have a private Slack community for our partners where we share resources for them to support their customers better.

  2. In order to engage developers, we have tried to build a presence on Stack Overflow which is by far the best place to enable developers of all levels to have conversations about your product. However, we haven’t yet succeeded at that since Stack Overflow has strict rules wherein the discussions need to be initiated by folks other than company reps. We will continue to try and build our presence on Stack Overflow.

To conclude, we are constantly on the lookout to improve our community experience. And to reiterate, a forum like this certainly has Pros and works well for a lot of use cases; it just didn’t work for us in the past. Slack seems like a great place to build smaller, more focused communities and that is something we will also continue to experiment with.

Once again, thanks for your detailed feedback, really appreciate it. Feel free to get in touch with me on should you have any queries!


I think this is an excellent choice for deeper trusted conversations and I see a lot of companies are using Slack like this now.

Yes, it’s the Wikipedia of code; only people who have a peripheral “expertise” about your product may guide the commentary.

It used to be content management was a big challenge; now it’s commentary management.

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Did you have any luck with this? I am looking for a similar solution. Ideally not using a third party tool. Google Apps Script would work well.