Loading weather

Good morning,

I am using the weather pack, I have a formula on one place in my doc (in a one row table) to pickup the current weather. We have been using that for months and never noticed anything special.
Just recently (I think) I see that my doc shows a message ‘syncing’(on a pc) or ‘Loading from Weather’ (on android devices) just about every eight seconds.
The annoying part is that your page (on an android device) moves up and down everytime this message is displayed.
Has something been changed in the way this pack works?


Dear @joost_mineur,

I just tried mine and everything seems to be fine.

Please could you try to load it in a “clean browser” without extensions?

If it still remains you might consider to get in contact with support, give them also as much as possible details as OS, browser, versions and if possible share the doc with them to test.

Success :handshake:

Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets for thinking with me. I did connect with support and the did check my doc. It turns out that I had changed the weather formula to also allow for forecasts and to submit the requested forecast day I had uses now()+days_in_the_future.

The now() part screwed it up, requesting a new forecast continually. According to support changing it to today() will probably do the job - I haven’t tested that yet, because we changed plans already, but I forgot to fix the formula back to what we had (and what worked).

So, no bug. I realize now that I had read about this behavior of the now() function, but I didn’t associate it with my problem.