Updating current weather

I have noticed the weather formula (such as weather::current) doesn’t update automatically. To update to the current weather i have to change the formula somehow (sometimes just switching between F and C) and it then updates. Any ideas how to get the actual current weather

Dear @Jarrod_Plevel,

Maybe it’s the best to contact support@coda.io and share the document for review.

Success :handshake:

Jarrod, I’m not sure how you have implemented the Weather Pack, but I have a Coda section with a two-column table called Locations. For each row, column one is a location for the weather and column two is the current weather pulled using the Weather Pack.

I have created an Update button on the canvas that applies the “Refresh” action to the Locations table, as shown below. It’s simple to manually click the button, but I also added an automation to refresh the data every hour.

Will this work for you?



perfect, that works great for me. I did both suggestions and its all good now!

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