Lock position on embed links

I often include an embed link on a page, but want to display a specific portion. I still want the full resource to be available, but I like to crop and focus on the part that’s relevant if it’s text. This also comes up when displaying a hyperlink in a table/detail/card view where the website isn’t well designed so a random part (or the banner) is what shows in the embed.

I’m able to scroll and adjust the embed so that it’s in the correct position, but is there a way to “lock” it in that spot so that others will see it as I intended?

Hey @Ariella_Messing ! This sounds like a feature request the Coda team has been tracking to set the position of an embed link. That said, we have moved this post into the Suggestion Box for other members of the Community to chime in on this. We’ve gone ahead and tracked your vote for this feature formally.

I share a related thought. One can highlight a part of a Web page and have a Web browser create an address for it. Coda seems to embed such a highlight acceptably.
I’d like you to let users control related images somehow.
Example: For this page Coda displays a large image that you may have uploaded to this Discourse instance. One can let users toggle such an image off an embed / card.

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