Logo Slider on Canvas

In the past few days I read every post about images and sizes, rectangles, JSON, SVG, etc. but was still unable to create a decent logo slider on the canvas which loads 4 random logos from a table column (either Image or Image URL column).

Has anyone else attempted this?

PS: My best idea now is to adjust the JSON code of an image with regex replace but I have no knowledge of JSON. Here is a sample image code:

Hey is this what you’re trying to do?

I’m outputting image() by switch(), each condition 1,2,3,4 being a hyperlink to the value returned by canvas slider.

I then step it up by embedding the logo formula into the button as its label, and reengineer the image url switch to be the hyperlink. Best of luck!


  Switch([Logo Slider],

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Hi Johg,

Thank you for jumping in and sharing this. It gave me an idea to try something but I could not achieve my primary goal.

I was thinking of something like this logo slider.