Programatically Generate Controllers?

Hi all

I was wondering if it’s possible to programatically generate controllers (such as sliders?)
Here’s a scenario: I have a base table containing a bunch of numbers as entries the user created.
I’d like them to show up as individual sliders on the dashboard. Does anyone know how to do that?
All I could think of is a button that formula map the table to run some actions. But I’m still missing that action piece.

Or are there any hacks for this?

Hi Chen,

Not exactly sure what you are looking for.

But you can create sliders on the canvas with /slider. And then you can add a formula to the slider that will read the slider value from the table.


Oh I’m sorry for the confusion. Let me clarify a bit:

Say I have a table containing a bunch of numbers, is there a way for me to generate as many sliders corresponding to how many rows (entries) I have in that table?

There’s no way to generate interactive sliders, but why won’t you just include a view of those rows, with only the slider (and perhaps the label) columns made visible?

Want them horizontally and not vertically? Group by name in top, and hide column names/add row btn/row lines


Yeah thanks man, that’s how I’am doing it now. Just wondering if there are any ways to generate controllers since they are more flexible in terms of layout inside of a page

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