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Hi guys!

I want to create a button so it can add a row to the each of the tables I have in my doc. How can I set the layout so it can have a field where I can specify what exactly table i want to add a row at?

Thx in advance for your help!

@Paul_Danyliuk :pray:t2: please help mate

Hey! Frankly, from the screenshot provided I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. I’m confused why the button that says “Update progress” should add rows to either table.

You want the user to be able to add a row to either table with that button? Why not just have two separate buttons and save an extra click for the user (i.e. them selecting the table from the dropdown)

But to answer your question — you can simply place a Select control next to your button where you specify a list of options, then in your button action write an If or a Switch statement on those options. You’ll have to list all the options yourself, there’s no shortcut to that:

[Table select].Switch(
  "Table A", TableA.AddRow(...),
  "Table B", TableB.AddRow(...),
  "Table C", TableC.AddRow(...),
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Thank you very much!