Adding the same values to 2 different tables with 2 buttons

Hi all, me again :wave:
I try to add a new row to a table via values from a “select” dropdown :white_check_mark:
Now I want to add values from this added row to another table

What I did, adding 2 “Add row” buttons to table 1 as column + adding an external Add button with these 2 adds :sweat_smile:

Result: I got 3 row added, instead of 1 :laughing:

Hope this is not too complicated explained, happy to share the doc anyway as we are finishing yet the public beta :rocket:

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Thanks @Ainara_Bilbao I just published it :arrow_right:

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Hi @Ainara_Bilbao and @Thomas_Schulz,

When the “Add new poll” button is clicked, it will push the other two column buttons. And when a column button is pushed, it will push all the buttons in that column. So if there are three rows, there are three buttons that will get pushed.

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Thanks Ben, so what do you propose, adding the buttons outside the table? And how then reference within these buttons the same row?