Use of Canvas Width

Hey there!

So we are actually making some researches on Artistic Direction for our next game, and we are copying/pasting images on a canvas.
The problem is that we can’t add more than one image on the width of the canvas:

These images are embed and we can’t add them side by side which result in a huge waste of space.

Please, we would love to be able to use the canvas more laterally, like with no limit!


Dear @tomavatars

I understand your point, for the time being you might consider to use a “photos table” as in the sample below


Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets but it doesn’t work with URL.

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Coda team, thoughts?

Hi @tomavatars,

I just tested this and I’m able to add multiple images next to each other as long as they don’t exceed the width of the canvas for text, which is 800px on the narrow layout and 1,000px on the wide layout. I’ve tried both uploading images and the Image("url") formula and they both work.

Add a space or two, then backspace, and try resizing. It should jump up next to the other one.

Let me know if it doesn’t work.


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Thanks @BenLee
The problem is that on Chrome, embedded videos are hard to resize.
And it was more of a feature request to be able to decide the width of the page, like a free form. I could also be an argument for other features request like Mind Map :wink:

@BenLee are you considering boxes and grids for canvas?

We are looking at some work on the Canvas. This is likely a larger layouts item though. I’ll pass this along to the team and make sure they see this post.


Thanks Ben!
I love working with the canvas and it’s simplicity and efficiency. With some new elegant features you could make it shiny!

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