Long Form Paragraph Text as Column?


I think the answer is “No” but is there a way to include long-form paragraph style text in a cell as part of a column? In Excel I’d get this by expanding the size of the cell and selecting “Wrap Text.” I know there’s the “Notes” feature, but it’s proving to be a little clunky to have to click into the notes when I am looking to have the data easy to access in order to compare all the different rows. Does that make sense?


Hi Rocky,

Can you explain a little more?

In Coda you have two column types that will help with this.

The first is the ordinary Text column. You can type in a fair amount of text - I don’t know the limit, but I have never run into it.

Columns Action update and Action update archive are both Text columns, with the Wrap Text enabled. I think that what you are looking for is this, with the “wrap text” enabled.

The second option might be overkill for you, but it is the Canvas column type. You can do virtually anything you can do on a normal page in a canvas column. And you have the Option whether to display the content or not.


@Piet_Strydom Ah, the “Wrap Text” was exactly what I needed to find, but I wasn’t looking in the T dropdown. Thank you! Problem solved!

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