Lookup column based on value of a select list from a lookup

I have this table of products:

I have the Project Address populated in a select list using this formula so that the only options in the select list are addresses associated with that client:
[Project Locations].Filter(Client=thisRow.Client)

Default value is set to use the first, and usually only option using this formula:
First([Project Locations].Filter(Client=thisRow.Client))

From this table of projects:

I’m trying to pull in the sales tax % from the Project Locations table based on which address is selected, but every formula I try either lists all of the percentages or none of them.


See if anything in this doc helps you out.

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Thank you so much!! Worked perfect.

Is this how you would explain it?

Formula for Column B in Table 1 (just the parts in bold):

ThisRow.Column A Name from Table 1(the column that is pulling in data from Column C in Table 2 and acting as the filter for Column B from Table 1).Column A Name From Table 1.Column D Name from Table 2(the column in Table 2 that is in the same row as the data in Column A from Table 1)

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Read @mallika’s comment here: Return data from fields in same row after lookup