Help please: default value for filter formula

Very simple to-do list solution with three tables. Main table is TASKS. Second table PROJECTS is just a preferences table; most rows in TASKS are linked to a row in PROJECTS. Finally, there’s a utility table FiltersForTasks with just 1 row. One of the columns in the FiltersForTasks table is Project. If user selects a value in that row, I want TASKS to display tasks just for that project. Otherwise, I want TASKS to display all rows.

Here’s the formula I’ve got at the moment.

thisRow.Project=FiltersForTasks.Project ,

The condition (first line after IF) and the first result (second line) work fine. If I type “Home” in the utility field’s Project column, the TASKS table displays tasks for the Home project.

The problem is with the default result. I just can’t figure out how to write the formula for the default result so that it means something like “show any value”. The way I’ve done it above, I was trying to get it to display rows that weren’t empty in the Project column. That would be almost okay, since most rows do have a project link. Ideally though I’d like the default filter to be null – if no filter value is specified, then ignore this column.


@William_Porter try:

OR [FiltersForTasks].[OnlyColumn].First().IsBlank()

Where [OnlyColumn] is the column in the utility table.