Default Value Creating New Value

Hello, I have a weird issue with my default value formula. We’re tracking application statuses in one column, using a lookup to a table of statuses. I used a formula to set the default value from that table, but whenever a new row is created, and that status assigned, it creates almost a new, temporary, identical (in formatting) status for our card view. It doesn’t add a new row to the list of statuses, it just make an additional one. Any ideas of how to fix it?

A common gotcha :slight_smile: You’re using the result of Filter() as is — but this formula always returns a list of elements, even if it’s just one element in the list. What you see is one group for @[New Application], and another for List(@[New Application]). They look the same, yet they are two different things.

You need to use Filter(...).First() whenever you expect just one value.


You should pay extra care to this throughout this doc. Otherwise the issues may pile up until nothing works as expected.

P.S. Instead of the filter, you can simply reference the row itself using @-syntax. Start typing @New Application to select a specific row as a static row reference.

CC @Laurent_Auneau that’s for you too :slight_smile:

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Ah, amazing! Simple fix, thank you so much!

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Thx Paul.
Need to find time to go through all my formulas, and also update my tables that have so many corrupt values ;-(