Set value for new row broken - Select lists


I’ve just found a small bug related to select lists and setting the default value when created.


Whats happening in this gif:

When I open a project in a layout view I can see the select list.

I go to edit status select list → Edit default new value → Try and set it to one of the statuses

BUT what actually happens instead is that it sets the status of the select list to that value and doesn’t save my preferred selection. Quite annoying !

Hey @Harry_Roper! The filter selection overwriting the value for new rows when adding a new column is actually expected behavior, but I’m happy to pass along the feedback here that it feels frustrating. Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile:

@Jasmine_B I’m encountering the same/related bug. “Value for new rows” is not behaving in the same way I’m used to. It doesn’t keep the “Value for new rows” selection when I change it, and it updates the actual value to that. For me this is happening with a “relation” column, not a select list.