New rows in a filtered table inside a canvas column don't automatically conform to the filter when it involves parentRow, as is the case for tables in normal pages

There is a neat feature for tables inside regular pages, where when they are filtered to for example only show those rows with a specific value for a select list, then new rows created for that filtered table will automatically populate the value for the column with a conforming value, in this case the select list value allowed by the filter. I am not exactly sure what the rules are or how it works for less rigid column types, but it works quite well for select lists and lookups. Note that this is automatically handled by Coda; the “Value for new rows” field of that column remains empty.

I was hoping to be able to replicate the same behaviour in tables embedded within canvas columns, but this does not seem to work. Here is an example doc:

I have noticed that the feature works for embedded tables but only when filters are applied to only one column. For two columns, it breaks.


I am curious @loucadufault , can you update the view settings so we can share the joy of finding new goodies? :wink:

Not sure what you mean :sweat_smile:

does this help ? -:wink:

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thx, it is visible now @loucadufault

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this is interesting behavior I was not aware of and indeed it behaves differently inside a canvas column, which is a bit strange. Thx for sharing @loucadufault

What you call a bug, I would consider the standard behavior. In what you call standard behavior I don’t understand how a filter creates a default entry.

The way I think of it is that filtering creates a view of a table. If you are adding new rows to a view, then Coda does its best to make sure the rows can be a part of the view that you are interacting with (and otherwise warns you that they will be omitted once you are done editing the row). To me it is intuitive behaviour.

OK - it took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. I was not aware of the automatic filling of columns based on a filter and I can confirm it works different for a table in a canvas column.
However, if you set the filter not based on parentrow but set it outright, the expected behavior is present.
So it must have something to do with the parentrow reference. Not sure if that is intended or needs fixing.
My test can be found in the canvas cell of the column marked with my name (3rd table in the canvas cell):


I’ve hit the same issue as well… very frustrating as I’m trying to set this up as a template for my team but cant seem to get it to work

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