Canvas default ROW and parenRow()

Dear all,

I am making a default Canvas cell template. I create a subpage for that. I add a table VIEW for that. I create a filter that does =parent.row();
I guess it’s obvious what I want, but here it is. I want to add new rows, where Canvas cell will automatically add a table view, that is filtered by Paren Row.
But, I can’t add “parenrow” filter in the template subpage for obvious reasons. Is there a workaround?


Hey Ivan! Would you mind sharing your doc with the Community by making it public so we can take a closer look at what you’ve already built?

If you’re unable to share your full doc due to security reasons, we totally understand! In this case, we ask that you please set up a demo doc that you’re able to share publicly. This can be a scaled-down copy of the doc you’re working on or just an example doc displaying the issues you’re encountering.

Afterward, please reply with the link to your doc so we can take a look for you. Thanks!

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